101 måter å bruke WD-40® Multispray som vannavstøtende middel

WD-40 stands for Water displacement. And 40 indicates that they got the formula for the 40th trial.

If the roof is leaky, it can be difficult to protect precious things from water. Water penetrates incredibly easily into the nooks and crannies and can settle in cracks, which can eventually lead to mildew and soil damage. In such situations, one might wonder how we should get it washed away without doing any further damage. And it’s not just about the things you have indoors, think about all the items for outdoor use – children’s bikes, your car and a dozen other things that need water protection.

Many do not have the luxury of having a garage. They must look to have some of their most precious assets left in the rain, and can only hope that a single tire will prevent moisture damage. It is not only outdoor objects that need protection from water, I can list at least a hundred other things that can also be vulnerable.

So, what can you do to avoid moisture damage?

Today, the market is full of lubricants and sprays that help keep water away from objects that may be sensitive to contact with water. One spray that is currently gaining praise is the WD-40 Multispray. This spray offers a solution to the moisture problem once and for all, simple and easy.

This is how WD-40 Multispray works

The composition in WD-40 is a fast-acting chemical that penetrates deep into the surface. A single spray helps prevent rust and removes moisture.

It can also be used to loosen things that are stuck. All you need to do is spray the parts that need to be protected from water. The lubricant settles all over the area and dries quickly. Even if the parts now come into contact with water or some other solvents, the liquid will now run off. Follow the guidelines and instructions when using the WD-40. That’s not all you can use it for.

Use of WD-40 Multi Spray

The spray removes moisture from the following objects, divided into different categories:


  1. Household electrical appliances
  2. Spark plug wires
  3. Car wires
  4. Mobile phones that have fallen into water
  5. antenna Connections
  6. heaters
  7. DC auto batteries
  8. battery packs
  9. Hearing aid
  10. Buttons that can corrode
  11. Helikopterkvadranter
  12. Light coils
  13. Electric jewelry box
  14. Mobile garden tools
  15. Headlights on trailers
  16. Hinges for convertible tops
  17. Switches on edge mowers
  18. Kabelkontakter
  19. Telefonlednings interconnections
  20. Generators
  21. Våtmotorer
  22. Protects underwater connections from rust
  23. Drills
  24. Prevents weathering of car couplings in the face of water
  25. Prevent electric fans from squeaking


  1. Coffee pots leaking
  2. Car door threshold
  3. pocket Watch
  4. Radar equipment
  5. Sneakers (to prevent water from entering)
  6. Frozen zippers on winter shoes
  7. Torches
  8. Prevent locks from freezing in winter
  9. Piperenseutstyr
  10. Wheels on shower doors
  11. Loosen stitched jewelry
  12. Protects silver
  13. Prevent stains from settling on stainless steel sinks
  14. Camouflage marble scratches
  15. Prevents scissors from getting stuck
  16. Prevent swinging and rocking chairs from rusting or squeaking
  17. Clean upholstered leather
  18. Prevents windows from jamming
  19. Allows even operation of dryer and washing machine
  20. Prevents rust on saw blades
  21. Prevents fat from settling in oven
  22. Prevents white chalk marks on glass shower doors
  23. garage Doors

Other objects

  1. firearms
  2. Gyro compasses
  3. Arches (Moving Parts)
  4. Trunk locks
  5. Shaft and handle on golf clubs
  6. Lubricate and clean guitar strings
  7. Easy removal of dirt and tar from car
  8. Lubricate dentures


  1. Motor
  2. Movable screws and hinges
  3. Diver suit belt buckles
  4. Tackles
  5. Waders (prevents wear after use)
  6. Boat
  7. boat battery
  8. Boat trailer shaft
  9. Båtforankring
  10. fish Hooks
  11. Rappelleringsutstyr
  12. Kanotilbehør


Outdoor equipment

  1. Outdoor Locks
  2. Spadehåndtak
  3. tire valve
  4. Water that has accumulated in cavities
  5. Penetrate frozen mailboxes
  6. Sprederhoder
  7. Bicycle chains, locks, sprockets, seat and other parts
  8. Keeps grill free of dirt (clean thoroughly before cooking after using WD-40)
  9. Prevents terracotta and ceramic garden pots from wear
  10. Polishing stainless steel
  11. Keeps the lawnmower free of dirt
  12. Prevents umbrella bars from rusting so they can be easily opened


Here are some unexpected ways to use WD-40 Multispray   that will definitely surprise:

  1. Removes molten jelly candy from carpets and prevents insects
  2. Remove crayon spills from walls
  3. Protects the interior machinery of the toilet from wear and tear. (no need to buy expensive detergents)
  4. Remove ink stains from newspapers from the table
  5. Can remove gum from almost any surface
  6. Prevents antique bronze sculptures from wandering.
  7. Wash dogberry from hard surfaces
  8. Removes marks and black stripes left by shoes on the floor
  9. Removes nail polish from parquet flooring
  10. May be helpful when gulls snow
  11. Lubricates wheels on strollers
  12. Removes fingerprints and grease stains from magazines
  13. Removes stains from waterproof ink from boards
  14. Keeps dog collars clean
  15. Dissolves glue
  16. Removes chewing gum from turtle shells and horses (How did it get there initially?)
  17. Brush diamonds
  18. Can be sprayed on wrist watches to prevent it from banging on arm hair
  19. Wash bird cages and other animal cages and traps
  20. Wash vinyl shoes
  21. Protects toys

As you can see, the WD-40 Multispray has a variety of applications. There is virtually no limit to what it can be used for, and you can test it on almost any surface for a clean, stainless and shiny result. Everything from stains and dirt comes off easily, and the spray helps you keep your antiques and other items in top condition and safeguards them against water.


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